Almost Spring

In like a Lion. It snowed big but luckily it got warm enough to keep Jack Frost from overstaying his welcome.  Anyhow if you're in New England you'll know these pictures are from two weeks ago but they are uploaded and grandparents need new material to brag about, so here ya go!


March 2012 016

 He gets his work ethic from me.

March 2012 005

This is worth discussing as Rocky generalized something somewhat specific. Vinny has a Iron Man button that attaches to his shirt and when pressed lights up with noise. It's a two piece deal that's held together with the shirt wedged in between. That Rocky thought to do this with magnets was pretty cool considering it hasn't been in the play rotation for several months. It's been neat to see all kinds of inventiveness pop up in his play.

March 2012 013

 Vinny is "experimenting" here. Realizing that the paper towel got more or less wet in one spot depending on how far away he sprayed kept him busy for a good 20 minutes. Glad we didn't replace all the paper products with cloth. Something tells me he'll enjoy this experiment too.

March 2012 044

 My favorite superheroes using their spy gear. Funny how batman didn't enter our life until Vinny was 4 but Rocky is not only wise to the na na nas but quite adept at fending off bad guys. 

March 2012 023

This kid is all lashes.

March 2012 050

We've been practicing cracking eggs.

March 2012 055

Yup, Rocky too.

March 2012 061

We discovered that magnets and cans/washers/screws make great robot building materials. And that soda cans don't.

March 2012 063

 When I got sick of outside snow they talked me into bringing some in.

March 2012 068

We made faces with our breakfast.

March 2012 070

Squeezed some fresh orange juice.

March 2012 129

And made more faces with our dinner.

March 2012 134

Finally the snow melted and the boys took their absolute favorite game outside: "Stuck." This is where they get stuck and yell for me over and over until I give them a hand and pretend to pull them out. This happens on the couch several times a day as well as pretty much anywhere you could potentially fall prey to quicksand, goopy mud, tight spaces, and where tricky monster arms may be lurking.

March 2012 143

Don't tease me New England!

March 2012 149

 The beloved crocus has arrived!

March 2012 155

And has become the now squashed crocus.

March 2012 157

Always treasure to be found in mud and dirt. Here is a cap from a cap gun. "Let's put this in my special box mom!"

March 2012 161

Oh and mud. But I'll take it. Out like a lamb right?

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